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Alex has strived his entire life to think big and push boundaries. After an incredible education at Santa Clara university He decided to create Arezzini Marketing to do that same expansion for others. Over the years he has worked in dozens of industries and with a variety of different sized companies. However, one thing he found to be true wherever he was: To stand still is death for a company, so he works hard to boost companies out of normalcy and the trap of being just "fine." 

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Social Media

Inside the social media bubble, it seems like everyone knows how to useTwitter, Facebookand Google+.

But the truth is, while most businesses and organizations realize they would benefit from having an online community, many don’t know how to grow one or lack the time to do it. 


That's where Arezzini Marketing comes in.  Let us make it simple and expansive for you.


Google Advertising

Steady growth comes down to traffic; more people on your website is the key to longevity in your online lead generation. That's what search marketing does.


Putting your business on a path to success starts with a well-planned and well-implemented search marketing campaign.  We can help you acheive that

Web Design

Website design is one of the most crucial elements in your marketing mix. Making sure that your advertising dollars are turning into actual leads comes down to how efficient your website is.


Arezzini Marketing will work with you to produce a website that is modern, user friendly and leads to more sales.


SEO Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) places your website in the natural results section of search engines. Getting found through direct searches can be the most frusterating marketing action but is the best way to achieve success online.


Though there are many SEO companies to choose from you can trust we will get you results and make sure your business is known.

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